Studio Equipment


Pro Tools Complete Production Toolkit
Ableton Live
Logic Studio
Harrison Mixbus


Sonnox, Izotope, DMG Audio, Sound Radix, Slate Digital, Flux, etc.

Converters & Recorders:

Crane Song HEDD
Foressell MADA-2
Antelope Orion 32
Alesis HD 24 XR
Studer A80 MK II 16 tracks 2" tape recorder
Revox PR-99


Blue Sky Studio One 5.1


CMS MP1-B (2 ch hand made1073 style)
CMS MP2-C (4 ch hand made 512 style)
CMS MP4-C (4 ch hand made FET pre)
1 x Drawmer 262 (2 ch tube channel strips)
4 x BFE Filtek MV1 (vintage german pre's)
1 x Foressell SMP-2 (2 ch)

Outboard :

4 x PEQ-1 (hand made Pultec style mono eq)
8 x BFE Filtek MK2 (vintage German parametric eq)
3 x MBC-1 (hand made SSL style stereo buss compressor)
2 x VFC-1 (hand made 1176 style mono compressor)
2 x EV-1 ( 2 ch hand made Envelope Modeller)
1 x DBX 120 A Subharmonic Synthesizer

Outboard FX:

Ursa Major Space Station
Ensoniq DP4

Analog Summing:

CMS custom hand made 16 channels


Lawson L47 FET
Rode NT1A
*various microphones can be brought in for the session

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